Everything you need to learn about Ethical Bribe

I have one secret that I’m going to share for you today; this is one powerful method to attract more subscribers into your mailing list.

This is so called “Ethical Bribe”.

If you are a business owner and planning to have a website, you need to understand the idea of Ethical Bribe.

Ethical Bribe is something that you offer for free in the form of Free report, Free ebooks and Free Courses or any valuable informations. This is in exchange to your visitor’s email address after they signed up into your mailing list.

In this article, I’m happy to share to you about “What is best Ethical Bribe you need to consider”.

Make an Amazing Offer

If you are making your Ethical Bribe, you’ve properly need to consider few tips to make it successful.

Your ethical bribe should discuss specific problems that your visitors might be facing and how you can help them to solve these problems.

Here are some titles of Amazing Ethical Bribe;

  • 10 Best Steps of Losing Weight
  • 5 Tips for Buying Clothes

You also need a beautiful Optin Form and easy to process getting your Ethical Bribe.

MailChimp has a default Double Optin Sign Up that needs your visitor to confirm their subscription in their email account before they get your Ethical Bribe. It is the best practice to have a email confirmation process to protect your website from fake accounts.

Trigger the Sales

So, once you’ve done your Ethical Bribe properly.

Here is another tip to trigger sales from your subscribers who just signed up into your mailing list.

  • Let’s say that your subscriber read the Ethical Bribe and solved their problems. But it took some curiosity on how to continue those steps and turn into full benefits or to complete the actions.

So the next step is to turn your subscriber into a paying customer or client and that is the most exciting part of your business.

“How to buy your products?”

You gave a solution to a problem but it is not complete, so your reader became curious on how to continue solving that problem.

Make sure that your Ethical Bribe is giving a clear call to action. Tell your reader the exact step by step on how to solve their problems. You may share stories from other clients or people who got the similar problems and how they’ve been helped by your Ethical Bribe.

So, it is very important to make a powerful Ethical Bribe into your Website.

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